Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good Taste is in the Genes.

I'm always amazed at how much my baby acts and looks like me. Her mommas family is totally jealous that there is no hardy gene whatsoever. I do have to say that it all makes me very happy. I do, however have to credit the eyelashes to her mother. no one else could have given this sweet little girlie those fluttering lashes. SO, that having been said, I love this shot. Maddie is a very particular girl. I love that when she is crying and fussy in the car that her mom and I can just turn up some music and it soothes her. I'm pretty sure she likes acoustic folk just like her old man, and I'm happy to educate her in the ways of good music. That is something I can pass along to my little girl. and I'm happy to do it. Lets just hope that in 15 or so years she still listens to the good stuff. If you have any question of what that is... check the bottom of the blog.


Candace said...

Maddie is soooo stinkin cute! Bella prefers the Smashing Pumkins over anything else. When Dan and I were going to their concert last year, He put them on everywhere we went. She kept saying, "Daddy, I want to hear the pumpkins!" Hey if you guys ever need a short trip, you are welcome to come to my house in Twin anytime.

Becky said...

I like the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream container in the background of the photo. Which one of you was eating ice cream in the car?